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Matching your Video Strategy to Student Recruitment LifeCycle October 26, 2017

When adding video to your student recruitment strategy, it's crucial to provide engaging, meaningful connections every step of the way. Developing great video content throughout the recruitment life-cycle is the best way to engage prospects, turn ...

Lower Demand Means Higher Difficulty for Law School Admissions October 23, 2017


5 Ways to Boost Your Student Retention October 17, 2017

From Interest to Enrollment: How to Keep Your Prospects' Attention October 10, 2017


5 Tactics to Leverage Video in Your Recruitment Strategy September 26, 2017

Use of video is an excellent way to maximize your recruitment strategy. However, producing, developing, and implementing video are all tasks that many people are either afraid to attempt in the first place, or just get wrong. Leveraging video ...

Marketing to Gen Z: Adapting Language to Your Audience September 19, 2017

When marketing to Gen Z (students born from mid-1990s on), the key fact to keep in mind is that this generation has been using the internet their entire lives. Prospective Generation Z college students have no idea what life was like before the ...
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