Length Matters - Why Shorter is Better

StudentBridge | March 15, 2015

We all have that friend or family member that just loves to share stories, but isn’t really good at it. Before they get to the juicy part where grandma loses her teeth in the steak, you’re already bored to pieces. Although you try to give them your undivided attention, almost anything is more interesting, and you’re either thinking about what you’re going to eat for lunch, or pretending to do something important on your cell phone. 

Videos for the purpose of recruiting prospective students are the same. A student will start off genuinely wanting to watch whatever story they’ve pulled up on your institution, but if it hasn’t grasped their interest within 6 seconds, that video is lost and your student will move on to something else. If you succeed in capturing their interest within those 6 seconds, you then only have two minutes to keep them engaged, according to eMarketer. It may sound like a short time to tell your unique story, but it’s all you need to produce great results. 

Instead of making a video that is five to ten minutes long about academics at your institution, consider making five short two minute videos that break down your academics into bite size pieces. You can have chapters with videos on the exceptional faculty, internships, different degrees offered, online programs, and the ability to get college credit in high school. This will increase your viewership by allowing students to choose what they would like to learn more about, instead of forcing them through a 10 minute video that they will most likely not finish watching. 

They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. We agree. The best way to share your story is by sharing focused smaller stories.