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Spring vs Fall: Seasonal Recruitment Strategies December 12, 2017

Recruiting is not a one-size-fits-all task; throughout the year, your recruitment strategies should adjust with the season. Keeping your recruiting up-to-date with the time of the year will make your recruitment strategies feel more natural and ...

"Bottom of the Funnel; Top of the Mind" Marketing Considerations December 05, 2017

The job of marketers and admissions personnel is to create the largest possible funnel of highly qualified, eager, potential students. This funnel will slowly be narrowed down until it becomes the entering class. However, starting with the most ...

College Recruiting: Marketing to Parents November 28, 2017

When you're recruiting new students to attend your college, you want to appeal to their demographic. It doesn't do you any good to hype majors that went out of style years ago or to highlight campus features that your current group of students ...

Understanding the Importance of Marketing Your Open Houses November 21, 2017

For thousands of colleges and universities around the United States, open houses are an integral part of the student recruitment process. The thinking is simple: invite your prospective students to campus, and get them talking to their future peers ...

It's Football Season! Tips for Marketing Your School to Football Fans and Players November 16, 2017


5 Steps to Getting Your Virtual Campus Experience Just Right November 14, 2017

When you get potential students to visit your campus, their chances of enrollment increase drastically. But what if they don't have the time, lack the money, or live too far away, to actually make the trip?
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