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The Power of Social Media to Promote Open Houses And Reach Prospective Students November 07, 2017

  When trying to promote your school's open house, you typically have two primary goals: to reach as many potential students as possible, and to convince them to attend your open house. Unfortunately, doing both of these at the same time is often ...

5 Tips to Avoid Pushing Back Admissions Deadlines October 31, 2017

Admissions deadlines are extremely important to colleges and universities. Without a solid deadline in place, you'll have to deal with a ton of hassle when it comes to getting students registered for classes. Not having a strict admissions deadline ...

Matching your Video Strategy to Student Recruitment LifeCycle October 26, 2017

When adding video to your student recruitment strategy, it's crucial to provide engaging, meaningful connections every step of the way. Developing great video content throughout the recruitment life-cycle is the best way to engage prospects, turn ...

Lower Demand Means Higher Difficulty for Law School Admissions October 23, 2017


5 Ways to Boost Your Student Retention October 17, 2017

From Interest to Enrollment: How to Keep Your Prospects' Attention October 10, 2017

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